Monday, September 04, 2006


FSU-Miami. Great game. No question. But, apparently, ESPN feels that the game is too "big" to be contained by one network. So they're going "Full Circle" with tonight's coverage:

--ESPN will have a "traditional" broadcast, which I suppose means Holly Rowe will be wearing a corset.
--ESPN2 will have "isolation shots" of Bobby Bowden and others, I guess so we can see how little "coaching" BB actually does.
--ESPNU will have SkyCam angles and include commentary from Colin Cowherd, much of which will likely be stolen from M Zone, if history is any guide.
--ESPN360 will have something called broadband enhanced coverage. It's Comcastic!
--ESPN Classic will carry the game in black and white.
--ESPN Deportes will focus on Latino players and give regular updates on Fidel Castro's health.

Okay, so I made up the last two. But the question is, why?

Why in the world does anyone need four ways of watching a game? Heck, why in the world does anyone need two ways of watching a game? Why would anyone want to listen to Colin Cowherd for three hours? Is there literally nothing else happening in the world of sports? Don't get me wrong, I (obviously) love college football. But why does any game need four outlets?

ESPN. The world-why leader in sports.


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