Sunday, September 17, 2006


This is troubling.

Steve Spurrier compared the 27-20 win Saturday to the late-game defeat against Missouri in the Independence Bowl.

But it wasn't Mizzou. It was Wofford.

And I-A teams should be I-AA by more than a touchdown and more than a late-game defensive stand.

The homer in me wants to say this is all because of the option attack of Wofford. But the only way a I-AA should beat a I-A team not coached by Dan Hawkins is if the I-AA team is running the Svengali offense.

Did Collier have USC in the throes of hypnosis?

We knew we were getting a former Florida coach. One can only hope we didn't get the wrong one, perhaps in an elaborate disguise.

A performance that was positively Zookian.

"I'm not disappointed," Fred Bennett said. "We've just got to fix some things. We're all right."

But somehow, after three thoroughly unimpressive games, it doesn't feel all right.

Color C&F nervous.


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