Thursday, September 14, 2006


Oh, boy, where to start. Everybody's favorite redneck QB, Blake Mitchell, has been sidelined for ... well, we don't know. But given Spurrier's track record, it could be a loooong time.

USC starting quarterback Blake Mitchell was arrested Wednesday and charged after allegedly punching a bouncer in the face during an early-morning incident at a Five Points bar.
Mitchell turned himself in on the simple assault charge at the Richland County jail, where he was released Wednesday evening on a personal recognizance bond.
Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier suspended Mitchell indefinitely and said the redshirt junior would not play in Saturday’s game against Wofford. ...
According to a Columbia police report, Mitchell was at Pavlov’s on Greene Street at 1:45 a.m. when he started a “verbal altercation” with Kylan Ertzberger, 19, who was working the door.
The report said Ertzberger told Mitchell “he did not have a problem with him” but objected to the 21-year-old Mitchell trying to bring “underage girls” into the bar. When Ertzberger turned to walk away, Mitchell punched him in his left eye, according to the report. ...
Mitchell might be eligible to apply for pretrial intervention, a one-time diversion program that allows defendants to expunge certain charges from their records upon completion of community service, counseling or other requirements.

Let us count the ways this is stupid. First of all: Never, EVER get in a fight with a freaking bouncer. It's generally not a fight you will win. Especially when the bouncher is a 5-11, 263-pound former offensive lineman and you are a 6-3, 212-pound QB.

(Is it possible we could recruit this Ertzberger guy?)

Secondly: If you are the starting QB and are under fire, putting the head coach in a situation where he has to bench you is more than stupid. It's what you call a special kind of dumb.

But Blake is holding up a great USC tradition: Pre-trial intervention, which might now actually have more Gamecock athletes involved in it than have been involved in scoring drives this year.

At least Blake has his father, Alvin "Nugget" Mitchell, coming to help him.


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