Thursday, August 31, 2006


1 Steve Spurrier. He's 15-1 in season openers. The one loss? Against South Carolina.
2 This is Mississippi State. Sans Jerrious Norwood. Sly Croom might be a good coach. He's not Houdini.
3 The offense. Steve Spurrier is in year of two of callin' ballplays at USC. He's got Sidney Rice. He's got Blake Mitchell.
4 No cowbells? There have been noises that the SEC won't allow cowbells. If MSU has any hope of winning this year, it will be by distracting teams with superior talent.
5 No Brad Smith. If you watched the Independence Bowl last year, this needs no explanation. If you didn't see the Independence Bowl (and if you weren't a USC or Missouri fan, really, why would you?), there is no way to begin explaining.

1 This is South Carolina. As Spurrier will find out -- and has, to a certain extent -- this is a program that shoots for new heights in underachievement and often reaches them.
2 It's a road opener. USC has done not so hot -- 6-18, in fact -- when beginning the season away from Williams Brice.
3 Rob Morris said so. Please note the sarcasm dripping from this statement.
4 The defense. About as much experience in college football as Michael Brown had in disaster management.

You're doing a heckuva job.

5 Sly Croom's voice. His booming baritone should be enough to cause several USC players to uncontrollably wet themselves at inappropriate moments, leading to inopportune fumbles, blown coverages and sacks.

USC 42, Mississippi State 17


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